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Affordable power best inverter out there

I've powered my AC my air compressor and shop vac no problem as well as other small things no problem

First Time Customer.

What a great store to shop for my off grid power needs. I’m a first time customer and I’m very satisfied with the service overall. Most definitely off will be staying on my bookmarks.
Thank you off grid for the great service.
Carlos- Lennox, CA

Best online retailer I’ve found so far for solar backup

Bluetti EP500: The customer service was great, they answered my questions and followed up my order with accurate tracking. I was nervous spending thousands of dollars on an item that was listed at a discounted price from a retailer I hadn’t purchased from before but I live in Texas and we had the tornados blow through, taking out our power for a couple of days so I was desperate to get something bigger than my EB55 for backup. The shipping company called to schedule a window for delivery which I appreciated rather than leaving it outside while I’m not expecting it. I plan to purchase a couple of more PV350’s soon. So far the unit has functioned well, I’ve been using almost every day to get used to how it works which I highly suggest doing with all your preps. :)

Affordable power

The best inverter I've had so far powers my window unit ac no problem and completes my rich solar array nicely

Fantastic experience

Off grid stores was fantastic to buy from. Quick delivery and great prices. I now have enough battery power for all day usage. Thank you off-grid!

Fine Product

The EF Delta Max is a capable unit, sending power to my barn for lights, to recharge all my batteries for tools and having available power for what ever else I may need. Haven’t hooked up the 4 (400 watt) panels yet but looking forward to that for solar recharge. My only complaint was FexEx shipping. It took 2 weeks to get EF here. Everything else was wonderful!

Super customer service

I have had repeat purchases and interactions with Off Grid Store and their customer service is prompt and polite, plus they bend over backwards to help me get the answers and products I need. Their pricing is also the best.
Photo of EcoFlow Delta Ultra with Smart Panel 2 installation. Works perfectly as promised.

Quick delivery. No damage. Great price

I ordered three 200 w panels for my RV. They got here in a few days, I received email updates. They were each packaged individually in their original box. I was impressed that there was no damage since these things are big and heavy. The panels were packaged with a styrofoam and then surrounded with cardboard and very sturdy inside the outside box. I would definitely buy from these folks again

Dependable on line store

I purchased the Delta Max 2 and then this smart extra battery to go with it from Off Grid Stores. Delivery was right on time and the ordering was convenient at their web site. They had the lowest price that I found and had no problems. I am very satisfied with the EcoFlow products and hoping for many years of usage.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra 6kWh Battery Expandable capacity -

Everything is as described. No issues with the seller. EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra is a nice backup system. Powers everything I need.

Expandable capacity -

Mounted and ready to hookup

Panels look to be very well made. Next I’ll be running the wiring and use it to charge my Ecoflow Delta 2.

Will designed unit.

Nice clean well made unit. When received at 34% charge. Hooked up charging cables to 120v wall out let after about 40 min. No difference in charge. Where charging cables connected to power until plug would only fit loosely. Bent male prongs slightly and now fits snug and charging. Unit now fully charged with it 2 hours. Tested with heavy duty fan and ran fine and displayed if I continue to run fan it would last at current draw about 12 hours.

Eco flow

Cable is good eco flow taking a month and a half every day on phone trying to get them to understand they sent me a defective unit and that I need replacement if you order and cancel they will refuse to cancel and refund anything they will send it to you anyway charge you so that you can go backwards and fight for a month every day to get your money back other than that working units are good if they are working properly for the money customer service sucks they can’t comprehend anything you say products are mediocre in dependability they will leave you in the dark if there’s a problem defective unit won’t charge dead as a door nail been fighting with them just to get them to replace it after repeating myself a thousand times and sending same pictures and videos a hundred times finally got shipping label to send back unit still waiting on a replacement concerned consumer as have spent a lot on these things and either don’t work or have other issues says 29%but dead never worked after charging for three days out of box

Happy to find these EcoFlow parts available in the USA

It's not easy to get your hands on a number of the EcoFlow accessories, and even less so at a good price! Finding the Power Kit PV cables here at your shop on discount has been a charm - thank you :)

Delta2 max and delta 2 max smart extra battery

I work in a construction with no temporary power and this power bank help me a lot with charging my batteries and power for my microwave

Delta 2 and extra battery

This thing is awesome! Extra battery doubles the power storage. Used 220 watt solar panel to charge them up. Already used them once in a power outage. Great to have for emergencies.

Delta 2 waterproof bag

Nice bag. Got 2 , and one had stitching that was coming undone. Customer service is trading me for a different one, but still a little disappointing . Over all the bag is nice.

Good quality panels

These panels are great for the price. I wired them up to an Anker 767 and they were consistently producing around 170-180w together. I’m sure with perfect weather and angle I could max out the wattage. Overall, I’m satisfied with the price to performance.

Great service

I have 10 of these solar panels now. Had one burn up. Off Grid Store stands behind what they sell. Sent out a new panel within a few days. Customer service was great. That's all any of us want. A business that stands behind the product's they sell. Customer for life. No issues with any of the other panels. Great product for my needs.

These are the BEST!

I recently bought two of the DELTA PRO batteries, They by far are the smartest product like this that I have seen. Modern features like bluetooth and Wifi to monitor and control settings. Very ergonomic handles and wheels that make them a breeze to move around. I am very impressed with all the options for inputs and outputs and these are creating a new standard for portable power that blow out those Yeti look alike brands. These are Legit!

Perfect Solution

We were looking for a way to top off our battery without adding a solar panel to the top of our van. Tested this panel upon arrival and I easily got 190W! Easy to set up as well. We are very pleased with our choice.

200ah lithium Rich Solar

So far so good. They’re holding a charge. No damage. Great service and super fast shipping. Also a very reasonable price in comparison to all other vendors. Happy customer.


I have to say I’m impressed works like a champ. I put a load on it handles a load plus many more . I have 15 more panels to go up at 340 W over 5000 wants to go so far it’s formed really really nice. I had two other solar chargers and rotors and this one’s so much better. Thank you.

BigBattery 24V MULE - LiFePO4 - 120Ah - 3kWh
Philip D
Big Battery review

Item was delayed 10 days in shipping? Whats that about? Also BMS was disconnected and battery would not start up. Strange. After plugging BMS in to the cells the battery works correctly. I have 3 of these batteries that now work great in parallel but it took a few days to balance all cells.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Bag
Brian Waselko
Pleasant purchase

Overall a good buy. The price was really good, fast shipping and good communication. Will buy from again